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Anyone else miss the videos?

I used to enjoy downloading the webinars from Vimeo and then listening to them when driving, walking, etc. Due to work, I cannot attend the Marketwatchers Live events, and I don't find the written summation as comprehensive. I don't think I really realized how much I appreciated them until they were gone.

I've often wondered if it's just me, or if anyone else also is missing the webinars that used to be put up almost daily? So I thought I may as well ask.

Further to that, if anyone has some favorite podcasts or Youtube channels in a similar ilk that they'd like to recommend, I'd be eager to try them.


    Yes. I am missing most of the webinars, and dont get nearly as much out of them as I did watching Tom's recorded videos. In fact, the primary reason I became a member was to continue to listen to Tom's Trading Places. The lack of recordings is a major disappointment, but since there was a commitment to return recordings, I decided to give it time.
  • Thanks Nick,

    Looks like you and I may be in a minority!
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