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Syntax for Advanced Scan Workbench


I'll be monitoring a set of common stocks. In the Advanced Scan Workbench (Ticker Properties), I think the syntax would be:

[[symbol = 'INTC'] or [symbol = 'SBUX'] or [symbol = 'SIRI'] or ...]

Is there a way to avoid repeating the word “symbol”? That is, is there a way to concatenate the symbol names?

Thank you!

Doctor T


  • Probably the easier way is to put the stocks of interest in a list then scan the list for the conditions you choose.

    Here's a useful blog entry:

    To create a chart list, scroll down the Member page to "Your Chart Lists", click "New", then add symbols one at a time, or paste a comma separated list, or a column of symbols from Excel.
  • Dear markd,

    Thank you for your reply!

    I viewed the SC video on how to upload symbols and stocks from a .csv file to a new chart list.

    Doctor T
  • The documentation is getting better and better. Always a good place to start - although, at least for me, I'm not always sure, or don't remember (age! ) where to look. It's worth browsing through the Chart School main topics once in a while to see what's new. Here's the main page that links to everything else.
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