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I'm fumbling with this and would appreciate any help. Thank you kindly.
3 candle pattern.
Today. Long white body, close=open, with tail <40% of body.
Yesterday. Long Black candle, open=close, no bottom tail. Engulfs "today's" candle with open within 2% of "today's" close and low within 2% of today's low
2 days ago. Candle is the same as "Today" and has close within 2% of "today's" close.


  • I'm guessing you don't mean open=close, or close= open, because then there would be no body at all.

    How often is this very specific pattern supposed to occur?

    Do you have a link that explains the set up?
  • Yes perhaps this visual attachment is better than my wording

  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 7
    I'll can give you the elements, but you'll have to put them together, since testing for very specific patterns can be time consuming. Just because you get no results does not mean the code is wrong, although it could be. Test with multiple random dates in the past before you decide the code must be wrong.

    this gets long white body

    [group is sp500]
    and [ Long Body is true ]
    and [ Close > open]

    this gets long dark body

    [group is sp500]
    and [ Long Body is true ]
    and [ Close < open]

    this gets no tail

    and [open = low]

    this gets bearish engulfing
    engulfing means the second candle's body "contains" the first candle's body; but the second candle's range may not engulf the first candle's the range, so decide which is right.

    [group is sp500]
    and [ Bearish Engulfing is true ]

    Generically, if you want engulfing range, compare the highs and lows, such as

    and [high > 1 day ago high] // or 2 days ago > 3 days ago, etc.
    and [low < 1 day ago low]

    Generically, within 2 % is

    and [A > B * .98]
    and [A < B * 1.02]

    Long body should take care of the 40%
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