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Can I download to excel the price data for Open Hi Low Close & Vol. w/o paying Pro vs Extra? Cost?

Hi As a New Subcriber, asking anyone to help me download the historical data on stocks into my excel so
I can work on my own formulas/// It is blocked as an Extra level member :smile:
fyiI am not currently trading, I am developing and have very limited funds at this point. The $ difference between Pro and Extra per month, is burden (There of course independent sites offering some forms of free data ( no volume, and no spreads) but it is not what I am looking for.) I want to synch it up with custom chart developement at
Looking for help on this, from an empathetic soul.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 21
    The account level services descriptions don't mention a restriction on downloading past data, so I would guess it is available if you are a subscriber at any level. Is past data what you are looking for, or real time? You have to pay for real time separately from your subscription. What are the steps you are taking to down load the data? Are you downloading from the Past Data link, or from the Scan Results page? What happens at each step? It may be that something else is blocking the file - e.g. security software.

    If in fact your account level does restrict you, it may be a violation of the user agreement for anyone to share with you.
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