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SCAN results of rank statement incorrect for [pctChange(2,PPO Hist(12,26,9))]

I don’t understand why results from my scan show negative results for ETSY PPO hist change in past 2 days??

[Symbol = ‘ETSY’]
rank by [pctChange(2,PPO hist(12,26,9))]

Bottom line, I followed this scan guideline and substituted PPO hist(12,26,9) for “BBWidth” clause but the scan engine “stuck” in “Daily Close” as a fourth parameter (??) doesn’t make sense, especially since the results look wrong to me. The column results show the pctChange is -228.862. Can’t be right??

The title of the last column indicates what results of their using “rank by”:

“Daily PctChange(2, Daily PPO Hist(12,26,9,Daily Close)” --- not what I wanted

This doesn’t look to me like they are calculating what I want and what I have indicated in my rank statement in my scan - see above.

I found the following Scan support documentation for “pctChange”:

The first parameter for the PctChange() function shows the number of periods in the timeframe that you're measuring. The second parameter tells the scan engine what set of data to use for the calculations. By default, the clause uses daily close data, calculating the percentage change of the daily closing values over the last 10 days.

To scan using a different set of data (volume, MACD Line, etc.), just replace “close” in the scan clause with another expression. For example, the following clause scans for stocks where the Bollinger Band Width has increased by more than 10% over the last 5 days:

[PctChange(5,BBWidth(20,2)) > 10]
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