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What happened to the old version of s.c.a.n.?

Short answer: Hackers killed it.

Long answer: The software that drove the original version of s.c.a.n. had a limited number of ways to ward off hackers and spammers. Unfortunately, those idiots were eventually able to overcome the old system's defenses on a regular basis and we were unable to stop them. The final attack on June 25th damaged the original database that drove the old s.c.a.n. site rendering the site unusable.

While it was possible to fix the original database from a backup, without better software defenses, that effort would have been pointless. Therefore we decided to look for a fundamentally better solution. In the time since the original s.c.a.n. was launched, several other superior services have appeared including the one we ultimately settled on -

VanillaForums is a hosted solution that is much more flexible, more secure, and more capable than the old system we were using. We hope you find this new version of s.c.a.n. even more useful now that it is running here.

We are still investigating whether or not the old messages from the original s.c.a.n. system can somehow be salvaged and imported into a special area of this new system but, to be honest, that is looking unlikely - mainly because the new system doesn't know about all the members that the old system had.

Our apologies for this disruption - especially to the wonderfully loyal people that have worked hard to turn s.c.a.n. into a great resource for everyone interested in TA. Hopefully the additional capabilities that the new version brings will help soften the blow. Please re-register for this new version and start using it to improve your investing results.

Finally, we are still learning about all of the capabilities and limitations that this new system has. Because things have happened relatively quickly, there may be some useability issues with this new system. If you encounter anything strange, please use the Support form on to let us know about it.

Chip Anderson
President,, Inc

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