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    July 11
  • Technical Scans:

    Predefined Technical scan "bullish 50/200-day MA crossover" returned 38 charts on 7-9-18 at 8:10PM PDT. Of these 38 charts: 3 x on 7-9; 12 x in 1 to 4 day prior; 12 x 5-10 days prior; 3 x 11-20 days prior; 2 x 21 days prior; 6 never x positive on 6 month chart.

    Same type of results when create crossover scans on Advanced workbench. I can understand a data delay of a couple days, but to have 29% crossed 2 weeks to never is pretty loose results.
    Any possible explanation for this?
    July 10
    • markd
      Please re-post your question on the Discussion board.

      I sent you an email with instructions.

      I don't get the same results as you do. I get 38 hits (4:45 am EDT 7/10), but they all cross as expected.

      You can see this if you put your results in a scratch list and apply the SCC Default chart style. The cross occurs on the very last bar.

      However, I don't see how this code could have produced those results:

      [type = stock]
      AND [Daily SMA(20,Daily Volume) > 40000]
      AND [Daily SMA(50,Daily Close) > Daily SMA(200,Daily Close)]
      AND [Yesterday's Daily SMA(50,Daily Close) <= Yesterday's Daily SMA(200,Daily Close)]

      this code is what you get if you click on

      "click here to edit this scan"

      But I think there is a line missing for today's closes. Or, the last line should be

      AND [SMA(50,Daily Close) x SMA(200,Daily Close)]
    • markd
      It also occurred to me later that you may be getting different results if your own chart style uses exponential moving averages (ema) instead of simple moving averages (sma). The scan is done using sma.
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    July 9