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  • Just a thought: Keltner Channel 350,7.0,350 Keltner Channel 350,3.0,350 Should give you a view on the chart. I'd suggest changing Style on the Keltner Channel 350,3.0,350 to Area and make the 7.0 a Thick (solid, dotted or dashed) line. The Top l…
  • " It won't change that to 20 and 80." You'll still see the line go above and below, but the overbought and oversold shading on the indicator will begin at the 30 and 70 level.
  • @POPPJOBB, that suggestion is meant for you to remember that you can adjust indicators to better "fit" the security. Adjusting your settings to get a clearer picture for decision making. Using markd's setting example, you will not see the 30 and…
  • @jaslater , the scan posted works or runs. What issues are you experiencing?
  • Suggestions for the RRG Relative Strength Indicator It would be a nice feature to be able to enter $Sector, or $Industry as options in the RRG Relative Strength Indicator. This would allow greater flexibility for the user on settings for Chart Sty…
  • A video that seems to be more indepth with Chip explaining how they "work". https://stockcharts.com/videos/?fv=usvs-ah-userdeftechalerts&c=Scanning-Alerts
  • and Close less than yesterday's close times 1.xx //whatever you want the upper limit to be. I messed up on the 1st statement Should be: Close greater than yesterday's close times 1.0499 // to get 5% or greater.
    in Percentage Comment by lmkwin April 25
  • Close greater than yesterday's close times 1.499
    in Percentage Comment by lmkwin April 24
  • This link talks about Slope for ideas. I didn't test it for the PctRelative slope. Possibly a bridge too far. https://stockcharts.com/docs/doku.php?id=scans:advanced_scan_syntax:overlay_scans
  • Premade Perf charts are here: https://stockcharts.com/freecharts/perf.php?[SECT]
  • You can't have a SCTR criteria in the filters of the scan if you want the blanks included. There was a question posted, just a few days ago regarding blank SCTR's http://scan.stockcharts.com/discussion/1768/scan-sctr-to-includes-those-sctr-reading…
  • The # Charts option looks interesting. Similar to the "Flexible Grid" on ThinkorSwim. Could be an easier way to work with the "Gallery View" in some instances. I concur with @markd, I use the Chande Trend Meter and the Chandelier Exits indicato…
  • Although SCTR gives more "weight" to the medium and longer term, it is greatly influenced by the short term, in my opinion. A high SCTR indicates a high momentum above bullish indications (the 50 and 200 day MA, as influenced by a strong 20 and 12…
  • Blank SCTR means that it doesn't qualify for a SCTR ranking. Not all stocks are included in the SCTR universes (Small, Mid, Large). The universes are not all encompassing for all stocks. To include the securities with no or blank SCTR, don't …
  • In the Advanced Scan Workbench, it's in the drop down for Technical Indicators. Select it from the list and add it to your scan, if desired. and [Chande Trend Meter > 5 days ago Chande Trend Meter]
  • For the 15th anniversary they offered a special promo. 15 months for signing up for 12. I don't see the promo for the 20th though.
  • The "bouncing from" is probably something that you can run against prior periods. Like changing the Starting Date at the top to be a few days or more ago. This will show the ones that met your criteria at that time and display on the chart, what h…
  • What does your scan code look like so far? Copy and paste it here as a comment
  • Turn Off Auto Renew is not the same as Cancel your Account. Cancel your account is an option on your main Account page.
  • In your Auto Renew Preferences, it's the last option on the page. Cancel Auto Renew
  • Bollinger Band 200,1 https://stockcharts.com/school/doku.php?id=chart_school:technical_indicators:bollinger_bands
  • So they charged you $299.40 and continue to charge 24.95 a month? How many months has this been going on? I can't assist you with this but your expiration should be showing as sometime in 2020? Screen shot that to support would be my best suggest…
  • Your renewal options are whatever you select. They don't auto renew unless you select that option. Go to your account settings, auto renew options are 2nd one down from top. It explains the charges on each option. Something to keep in mind is th…
  • @markd, Thanks for the formatting help. If I would have kept notes there must have been a purposeful reason I did the month back setups in the manner I did. Probably based on advanced effort in search of seasonal periods. Like scan for securities…
  • I've played around with this thought from time to time. Came up with something like this // add your universe to look at here and [[9 months ago monthly PctChange(1,close) > 0.1] and [21 months ago monthly PctChange(1,close) > 0.1] and [33…
  • The button thing happened to me once as well. I also had a situation where my ChartList summary view wouldn't load. Support suggested clearing my cache. It worked like a charm.
  • and [yesterday Close < yesterdays EMA (8)] and [2 days ago Close < 2 days ago EMA (8)] and [3 days ago Close < 3 days ago EMA (8)] and [4 days ago Close < 4 days ago EMA (8)] and [5 days ago Close < 5 days ago EMA (8)] and [Close >…
  • looks like EMA 8 level is around 122.5 now. Closes were below that level on the prior days. Maybe need to look at the EMA 8 for each of those days. Like 3 days ago close less than 3 days ago EMA 8.... 4 days ago close less than 4 days ago EMA 8, …
  • Do you have symbol examples?
  • deleted post markd got it.