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  • Many many thanks as usual @markd . You're the best
  • okay @markd . thank you so much. I will correct that one. Many thanks
  • ok, I reversed this part and now indicates the falling price instead or rising, but still not getting any results with all the conditions in place. [ SMA(10, HIGH) x TODAY CLOSE ] AND
  • Also the crossover of TODAY CLOSE x SMA(10, HIGH is slightly confusing since I want to scan for stocks whose price is falling from SMA (10, HIGH) and not the other way around where it is catching rising price crossover. I hope I am able to explain.
  • @markd . Thanks for your input. I will skip this scan then.
  • Thank you very much @markd. I will try to break the scans based on smaller chunks and filter on them on a daily basis. thank you very much.
  • That helps a lot. many thanks @markd
    in Strategy Comment by ratbhatt August 2017
  • I just wanted to say thanks to @WGFF and @markd for all the help. The pullback scan is pretty amazing. One thing I have generally noticed is that I spot these 3-4 red candles during the first hour of the day. After that most of the times during the …
  • okay. Thank you @markd
  • this scan is really good. picks up some real good pullback scripts. I now need to figure out how to set alerts on whenever these instances happen.
  • I wrote this scan so far [type = stock] AND [country is CANADA] AND [Daily SMA(20,Daily Volume) > 50000] AND [market cap < 2,000] AND [market cap > 300] and [name not contains "Trust"] and [name not contains "Notes Due"] and [name not cont…
  • Hello @WGFF : I didnt understand this line 5. Forgot to add that I also have a medium to long term trend indicator filter these crossing points........such as 'and [slope(50) > 0.1]'. This keeps you from buying in a downtrending stock undergoin…
  • Thank you so much @WGFF . That is quite insightful.
  • I should be perhaps using the 'x' operator no? Basically my end goal was to see if the stochastics of the stock is below 20 due to a lot of selling pressure and now its gathering strength to make an upward move.
  • Understood. I dont know how to write this as I am still struggling but basically if there was a way to scan for situations like these. Please look at the arrow. the stochastics line is now cutting 20 and moving upward. I want to scan at these region…
  • ok sir. Thank you
  • But the problem with this query is that its returning me all results which for which the stochastics line is above 50 as well. What am I doing wrong not sure.
  • Refined it further [type = stock] AND [Daily SMA(20,Daily Volume) > 40000] and [country is "Canada"] and [[Slow Stoch %K(14,3) x Slow Stoch %D(14,3)]] and [close x sma(10,close)] and [close > 2 days ago high]
  • Hello @markd sir. Thank you once again. So I wrote this scan. [type = stock] AND [Daily SMA(20,Daily Volume) > 40000] and [country is "Canada"] and [[Slow Stoch %K(14,3) x Slow Stoch %D(14,3)]] What I still dont know is how to write if its cros…
  • Also when the 10 ma is rising. Don't know how to write this rising MA or cutting the 20 line and moving upwards.
  • Okay @markd sir. I will stick to that. I hope I am not bothering you as I am in my learning phase and tinkering with too many things. Thanks a lot once again.
  • Hello @markd , you are right. There is no holygrail system which will catch everything. What I was wondering is if this could be done programatically? I mean instead of running P&F scan, can I run a moving average scan to get a list of stocks an…
  • Thanks a lot @markd . Its a lot to digest. I am sure I will have many further questions. I will get back once i fully understand your post.
  • I honestly dont even know if this is a good trading setup or not. I am looking for some guidance as well.
  • in essence I would first like to find a good way to find if the stock is in uptrend ( there are many ways but which is a good standard mechanism? above 200 and 50 MA? Can I add anything further to strengthen it? Then if there is a pullback which …
  • oh okay. Thank you @markd
    in EMA Wave Comment by ratbhatt April 2017
  • Hi @markd , Many thanks for posting such insightful explanation. You are really awesome. I may ask you for your help to write the query if I need. Thanks again.
  • Hi @markd I think somebody asked a similar question which you answered here http://scan.stockcharts.com/discussion/1058/scanning-for-higher-highs#latest
  • Hello @markd , First off thanks a lot for your kind help. Secondly I apologize for not very clear with my ask. But let me share another chart here. What I wanted to know was if there is a way to scan for some pattern like this below. Low -> High …
  • You are the best @markd . Hats off to your knowledge..