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  • I asked support and found the answer. I didn't know this link https://stockcharts.knack.com/symbolcatalog#home/ !GT200NDX Indicator showing the percentage of stocks in the NASDAQ 100 that closed at a higher price than the 200-day Exponential Moving…
  • I ran the Turtle Soup scan on June 1 and I only got for (4) stocks (ANTN, CPB, ES, XRX) compared to 10 stocks that Julius showed on his June 2 blog.
  • I found a way to search for a chart by custom name in all of my chartlists. First search by symbol then enter the custom name or a part of it in "search table" box and that's it.
  • Thanks markd. With a possibility of 250 chartlist and 500 charts per chartlist, I would like to have the possibility to search a particular chart by custom name whitin 125 00 charts!
  • Thanks for the chart tip. My strategy is to sell 30 delta weekly covered calls on stocks that outperformed the SPY.
  • If my excel calculations are good the SPX William Vix Fix for Nov. 2, 2017 is 0.58 and from Feb 1950 to Nov 2017 max is 34.02 (Oct 20, 1987). The average value is 2.74 and the STDDEV is 2.92.
  • Answer from technical support: At this time, there is not a way to set the custom width to same width as our default style. I have forwarded this onto our developers to look into further
  • Please define LONG BODY IS TRUE in the candlesticks scan blocks