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  • On a Windows machine( maybe other platforms also), you can drag the edges of the web browser so that it only takes up part of a monitor real estate. You can the right click on the browser icon on your desktop and open another instance of browser and…
  • Hi Mark. I re-ran after today's close and got more reasonable result as you indicated above.
    in SCTR Scores Comment by IND February 2018
  • Hi Mark, I tried this and added another filter for Volume but it's ignoring the volume expression. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. [type is stock] and [exchange is tsx] and [group is not etf] and [SCTR > 7 days ago SCTR * 1.10] and [daily sma(10,…
    in SCTR Scores Comment by IND February 2018
  • Thanks Mark , I will try this. Regards.
    in SCTR Scores Comment by IND February 2018
  • Hello Markd. Is it possible to scan for % Change in SCTR value? Thanks. Ivan
    in SCTR Scores Comment by IND February 2018
  • Hi Mark. Can you clarify something for me please. Is the expression [sma(20,close) > 10] the same as [daily sma(20, daily close) > 10] ? I haven't found any examples that clarify this. Thanks
  • Hi Julius. I'm relatively new to Stockcharts so I just read your July12/17 blog on using RRG with currencies and $one as benchmark. Very timely for me and extremely useful. Thanks for your insight. Ivan. Canada.
    in RRG benchmarks Comment by IND July 2017