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  • I'm not in your area, but I was thinking that local user groups would be a great idea. We all have a common interest, trading and technical analysis. I'm in the process of moving from one part of the country to another, but once my move is complete …
  • As a follow up FYI, if you look at the date of my original post, 9/2, where the price was 79, although it fluctuated a bit, it got to the bullish objective of 98 by end of Nov., and now has a bullish objective of 130. Gee, guess I should have held o…
  • Happy New year and good luck with your trading!
  • Here is a scan I use for bullish stocks making a pullback. You can use a similar scan but change the "less than" to "greater than" and the time periods. You can also add the same comparison for daily low in addition to daily high. • 20-day Exponent…
  • Mark D, Big THANK YOU for the advice. I have a scan that basically tests for uptrend by using 50 EMA above 200 EMA, 20 EMA above the 50, close above the 20, and positive daily Aroon crossover. But it was giving me signals 2-3 days too late. Added in…
  • Thanks Gord. Shortly after I posted, I thought, "Gee, I'll check the chart school." Sure enough found the answers.