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  • Mark, yes I do mean $SPX. I included the daily part of the scan but the problem is only with the weekly part of it. I know how to do all of what you described and when I do it now, I get the exactly what you get. I didn't save the charts that I was …
  • Thank you
  • [RSI(14) > SMA(20),RSI(14))] I think that this is it?
  • Ok, I think that I have it. However, the scan that I have shown you is the bull scan only. There is also a bearish MACD scan. The bull scan only chooses the bullish conditions and believe it or not, there are times when the scan results in nothing a…
  • I have my interpretation of MACD which is kind of hard to explain this way, but is not the common interpretation. My theory is to follow MACD momentum. The core of my scan is the MACD with the larger TF being the weekly. Sometimes it's the Fline tha…
  • Mark, I have to tell you that I have spent the morning re-writing and combining my scans. It will take me some time to test but so far the scan results seem to be identical to my original and longer versions of the separate scans. And, I have 718 ch…
  • Got it. The I had the EMA's reversed.
  • Thanks, it's almost as much about learning something new as it is anything else. My scans are already working well but I just can't shake the thought of trying to make them better somehow. I am sure that I will be back sometime in the future after I…
  • Mark, one more time, thanks. You have spent a lot of time with me, I appreciate it
  • Mark, I may finally get it. Have to study this again. Thanks again
  • Whew, thanks. The way that you lay-out (format) the brackets with the intermittent notes is something new to me and it's hard for me to figure out. I'll have to study this and see if I can figure out what your doing. As far as compressing the origin…
  • No, not quite right. Lets disregard this condition...[1 Day ago MACD Hist(6,9,0) < 0.0] for now. Let me try this. There are four macd conditions that I am looking at. Two conditions above zero and two conditions below zero. The first is whe…
  • Mark, thanks again. I'm sorry for not presenting it in a way that you can understand. I'm beyond my skill set now and I'm still not sure what your trying to tell me.
  • Below, I changed This week's to....Weekly. And, I have tried to place brackets per your schematic above. As you know when I check syntax it doesn't work. Brackets are placed wrong. I can add one bracket before the first common weekly condition and m…
  • Mark, thanks. I can see that my understanding and ability to write scans isn't quite good enough to really understand what your telling me. I understand conceptually that the common conditions can be written only once but how to actually write that …
  • Mark, thanks again. My experience does not match much of what they describe. As an example. I have never, not one time, seen my scan engine update at 8:31 as they say. It always takes about 4 minutes after the open to get an update different from th…
  • Seems to be working fine now, after the open. I guess that SC had some sort of issue pre market
  • Thanks again. Glad that your here, you've helped.
  • Thanks again. Can I ask, are you the only person who tries to answer questions here? Just curious.
  • [[This week's MACD Signal(12,26,9) > 0.0] and [This week's MACD Line(12,26,9) > This week's MACD Signal(12,26,9)]] = [[Weekly MACD Signal(12,26,9) > 0.0] and [Weekly MACD Line(12,26,9) > Weekly MACD Signal(12,26,9)]] ???
  • Gerry, I am not sure that I understand your question but I thought that I'd throw this out for you to think about. I have learned about this from experience using their updating charts and SC support will tell you all about it. You can run a lot o…
  • Mark, yes, thanks. I do understand. It's very odd to me that most of the day yesterday my scan did not work, selected SPX I mean, until after the close. This or something like this has happened before and the folks at SC sent me here to you guys for…
  • Well, now, after the close, it works without making those changes. Grrrrr
  • OMGosh. Thank you very much. This is likely the problem that I have had for quite a while now and is the reason SC sent me to this site. Again, thank you. I'm gonna try this tonight.
  • Didn't I do that here? [This week's MACD Line(12,26,9) < Last week's MACD Line(12,26,9)]
  • I left out one right handed bracket at the very end of this, sorry
    in Scan Comment by dhall6938 August 2018
  • Mark, if you get this in time today, can you see why this one is not choosing SPX yet? [Favorites list is 10] and [Open > Close] and [1 Day ago MACD HIst(6,9,0) > 0.0] and [Full Stoch %K(14,3,3) < 1 Day ago Full Stoch %K(14,3,3)] and [Full…
    in Scan Comment by dhall6938 August 2018
  • In case your interested, the MACD settings below seem to be very close to the weekly MACD fast line and signal lines with regard to scan results. So far, they produce almost identical results. Maybe using them instead of mixing daily and weekly crit…
    in Scan Comment by dhall6938 August 2018
  • Thanks again.
    in Scan Comment by dhall6938 August 2018
  • Well, I wondered if using the word close would force the scan to work only at EOD and would not work well during the day?
    in Scan Comment by dhall6938 August 2018