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could anyone help me with this problem? I'm watch charts on a 3 min range but for some reason every tick shows the whole range the stock moved today? in other words its 3 minute tick now is 4.30 but it has tails that show the high was 4.34 and tail that shows the low was 4.24 on every three minute range? - clear


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  • thxs for all the infor Imkwin and Mark
    in charts Comment by gerry64 February 9
  • yep I have the fastest I can get, I trade stocks and etf's , one other thing I have 3 months left on this yrs extra, can I up grade to pro for the last three months and if so how will i be charged?
    in charts Comment by gerry64 February 8
  • Mark if i tried pro would the entire chart up date in 5 second intervals? What I mean is would the volume update every five seconds per minute in five second intervals?
    in charts Comment by gerry64 February 8
  • thxs, I already use them but time and sales is separate from l11 to hard to try and keep track of both to trade one minute ticks
    in charts Comment by gerry64 February 8
  • thx u for your time mark
    in charts Comment by gerry64 February 6
  • Sorry been gone for a few day's I do all of the above as you say now. what I'm talking about is the ability to have a one day chart with 2 min ticks, have the volume be on a 30 second time frame and so on....I cannot do that with stockcharts. I'm n…
    in charts Comment by gerry64 February 6
  • yes I use extra now but I would like to customize the set up, like I would like to see how much volume is on each tick (one Minute ) also would like to see if it is positive or negative volume. right now for vol per tick i have to literately go acr…
    in charts Comment by gerry64 February 2
  • think you, i think it was just a glitch, it corrected itself
    in vol Comment by gerry64 January 19
  • Thank's Mark I appreciate your time.
    in one hr Comment by gerry64 December 2018
  • thxs mark but what I want is eact stock in a seperate window in real time?
    in defualt Comment by gerry64 November 2018
  • as always, thanks Mark
    in Short Comment by gerry64 October 2018
  • thank you mark, I'll try that
  • 5 sec is the pro charts, I have extra's which refresh's every fifteen , thirty, one min and so on. But yes there are only fifteen charts I can watch at once or they do shut you down.. thank you...
    in real time Comment by gerry64 August 2018
  • If you want to display each chart in a separate browser window, there may be a limit on the number of connections you can have to the site (you can understand why). It may vary by subscription but it's not mentioned on the pricing page. You would ha…
    in real time Comment by gerry64 August 2018
  • thx u Mark, great help...
    in charts Comment by gerry64 July 2018
  • thxs, always nice to hear others ideas...
  • Mark what type indicator and or overlay would you use if you had just one choose to find a stock reversing?
  • thank u I saw it a bit later than my post, but again thxs
  • ahhh how do I cancel the color that I choose and just go back to normal?
    in annotate Comment by gerry64 May 2018
  • Thx u Mark...
    in charts Comment by gerry64 May 2018
  • well yes it did thxs ...
  • One more question, why does a stock show different length candle sticks (say red) price dropping and yet have the same volume as a shorter candle stick? I see the same thing on stocks with price increasing. Green candlesticks... I assume its just …
  • thank you It's appreciated.
  • I look thru this a dozen times and did not see this, thx you so much.....
  • I meant viewing them in real time but I figured out the problem. thanks for asking.
    in trouble Comment by gerry64 December 2017
  • thanks Mark, I do use the print link below the chart. I click it it brings up another chart of the same thing, then I hit the print button which sends me to another page with the chart but the save button is highlighted instead of the print. crazy…
  • Ok Mark thank you for helping, I right click next to the chart and that brings up back, reload, print and save as. I click print and it brings up thwe chart but no longer has the print buton highlighted, on the save. I've always done it this way but…
  • thx you Markd My putor has been down since last suday, just got it back on line or I would have thanked you sooner....
  • I hate to ask this, but what if I wanted to find stocks 5 % lower? I tried to write it and I changed the > to < and I get all kinds of stocks. I also put in a max price of 16.00 and a low price of 7.00 but it ignores this part of the scan... …
  • Thanks again, it works fine. One more question if you don't mind. How would I use a percentage in a scan? if I wanted to find all stocks up 5% this a.m. how would I write that? tia if you have the time to answer. Gerry