What is a "Time Segmented Volume" indicator ? I have seen a couple of trading strategies that use it. Does Stock Charts have this indicator or an equivalent ? And is it useful ?

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What Does Time Segmented Volume - TSV Mean? A technical analysis indicator developed by Worden Brothers Inc. that segments a stock's price and volume according to time intervals. The price and volume data is then compared to uncover periods of accumulation (buying) and distribution (selling).

This indicator is similar to on-balance volume because it measures the amount of money flowing in or out of a particular stock.

Here's stockchart's article on On Balance Volume


Difficult to comment on its usefulness without first understanding the indicator.


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There is a book by Pascal Willain (foreword by Elder) called "Value in Time" published 2008 by Wiley which develops a concept the author calls "effective volume" which is derived by examining price and volume information in one minute time segments. Higher volume segments are assumed to be professionals and therefore more likely to be predictive of future prices. Fascinating read, hard (for me at least) to implement. I'm not familiar with TSV but sounds similar. Thought I'd throw it in for those who might have an interest. Uses stockcharts illustrations.


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Yes I agree, very interesting TA stuff. I came across Pascal several years ago and continue to read some of the information on his site. Here's a link to his website.


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