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Creating an index with a subset of stockchart symbols.

I would like to create an index for a group of stocks. For instance, can I create an index with the top ten weighted stocks in the SPX. I have studied User Defined Indexes, but that seems to require directly inputting data. Any ideas?


  • I think you are stuck with inputting data yourself. If you have Excel and VBA skills, you could automate the process. Or, if you have to do it manually, and you would be satisfied with a line chart, you could probably copy and paste just the close for each stock and date and symbol, and skip the open, high and low.

    On the other hand, I would think there is a lot of overlap between the top ten weighted SPX stocks and the Dow 30. Is the extra work worth the difference?
  • I am interested in a deeper dive study than just comparing the $SPXEW to the $SPX. I want to break the $SPX down into tiers, and study the top 25 vs the "tiers"
  • You may just need to use ChartLists of the segments. Not gonna be ideal but may give some "insights". The Gatis Roze Chartpak has the same issue as you, where they appear to manually do much of the work in assembling and denoting the lists in that Chartpak.

    If StockCharts had a portfolio function, it would be easy. I've suggested it to SC prior. I use Nasdaq Dorsey Wright for portfolio keeping and analysis, but do most every other analysis on StockCharts. If SC created a portfolio tool, then I'd drop my NDW membership. SC isnt' perfect, but I think it's the best site out there for technical analysis.
  • Thanks. If anybody could do it, Stockcharts can! Been a Pro Member for over ten years, and a member since nearly the beginning.

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