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lmkwin ✭✭


  • Sofearnot
    i do Appreciate all your help, by the way. i have been Investing for 29 some odd years, but i am not very good at Writing scans (at least, they don't Always work the way they're supposed to). Maybe at some point in the future we can Collaborate/work together.
    May 23
    • lmkwin
      If you run into issues on Scans, post what you are looking to do, and/or what you have already, and there should be help available on the forum. I tend to assist people that want to learn how to use the tools vs wanting someone else to do the work for them. You are correct, getting a scan to work how you would like vs the results it is returning is often confusing. Many times it is just a matter of adding backets around several lines that are to be considered as one requirement, but testing them out and 'fixing' them is where the forum comes in handy.