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How to write a scan - Anyone able to help this 70 year young man


Stocks = US and CDN

Time of search EMA 5 Crossed EMA 20

daily average volume over 50 days => 250,000

Stock price => 30.00

price must be above 200 MA




  • markdmarkd mod
    edited April 20
    You can put together a lot of this scan using the drop down selections on the Advanced Scan workbench. The new advanced editor will prompt you, too, and suggest corrections.

    First, delete the default text from the text window so the window is completely blank.

    Then, for "Stocks = US and CDN" :

    select "country" from the Ticker Properties and click Add.

    Note it fills in "US" for you.

    Now copy that and paste it to the end of the same line.

    Delete "US" and type "c". The advanced editor suggests "Canada", so click on that.

    Now put one opening bracket "[" at the very beginning of the line, in front of country is US and then put a closing bracket "]" at the very end of the line, after country is Canada.

    Now put the word "or" (not "and") between country is US and country is Canada.

    If you see a red box with a white "x" in it, that means there is a syntax error. Put your cursor over the red box to see what it is, and fix it. You may have to click the "Check Syntax" button under the text window to clear the red boxes.

    Then, for "stock price > 30":

    select "close" from the Price Volume SCTRs drop down and edit the price for 30.

    Then, for "price must be above 200 MA"

    select "close" again as before

    delete the price and type "sm"; click on the SMA suggestion from the editor

    edit the suggestion - delete "volume", type "close"; delete "50", type "200"; delete "> 9999999"

    Then, for "daily average volume over 50 days => 250,000"

    select "SMA" from the Technical Indicators drop down; edit the suggestion to your requirements.

    Finally, for "Time of search EMA 5 Crossed EMA 20"

    "Time of search" doesn't mean anything in Stockcharts, so just ignore it.

    select "EMA" from the drop down

    edit the suggestion - change "50" to "5"; change "volume" to "close", change ">" to "x" (x is the crossover operator); delete "999999", type "E", select EMA from the suggestions and edit to "20, close" and delete the ">999999".

    If you have any red boxes, make the suggested corrections.

    If you get stuck, post what you have.

  • Thank you so much.

    which country are you in

    i will try the way you suggested.

    best regards


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