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Scanning 'WEEKLY' charts

When creating a scan and I enter WEEKLY as the period, I get an error message 'cannot parse weekly', no metter how I try to write it. Can anyone tell me how to create scans based on weekly chart periods vs. daily?
Thank you!


  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    can you post what you have in the error scan? It's easier to help you that way.
  • "Could not parse "WEEKLY" located in the clause "[TYPE IS STOCK] AND [SMA(20,VOLUME) > 40000] AND [ WEEKLY ]"
  • [type is stock] and [sma(20,volume) > 40000]
    and [ period = WEEKLY ]
    Could not parse "PERIOD" located in the clause "PERIOD = WEEKLY"
  • [type is stock] and [sma(20,volume) > 40000]
    and [ period is WEEKLY ]
    Could not parse "PERIOD" located in the clause "PERIOD IS WEEKLY"
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    You will need to define what you want to be "weekly". If looking for the SMA(20,volume) to be "weekly" then put Weekly in front of SMA

    [type is stock] and [Weekly sma(20,volume) > 40000]

    There is no such thing as period.

    If you use the dropdowns in the Advanced Scan Workbench, select your filters off of there by using the Add button. Then you can modify those to be weekly or monthly. The default is daily.

    So if you selected a common technical indicator like

    and [PPO Signal(12,26,9) > 0.0]

    You would add weekly in front of it

    and [Weekly PPO Signal(12,26,9) > 0.0]

    to get weekly data to be used

    and [Monthly PPO Signal(12,26,9) > 0.0]

    You'll probably want to change UP the volume number if using weekly or monthly as you see fit. The weekly volume is usually much higher than the daily volume.
  • Awesome! Thank you very much!
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