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P&F Chart List

How do I create a P&F chart list where I just go over each stock one after the other on P& F mode?


  • KevoKevo
    edited June 2015
    Here's a neat way:

    From any ChartList, go to CandleGlance format. Then under duration, select P&F.
  • Thanks for your help
  • gordgord admin
    As Kevo said the candleglance P&F option works well but you only have the option for the traditional P&F chart.

    The other option is to select a chart in your P&F chart list, open it as a P&F chart, select the settings you like and then down at the bottom of the page hit the "Apply Style to All" button. This will use these P&F setting for all the charts in your list. Now you can pull up the list and scroll thru it in 10 per page mode, or toggle thru the charts in ChartBook mode.
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