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  • DrDaoMLe
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    August 5
  • chetan
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    August 3
  • RAClose
    Any way to scan for percentage increases with displaced moving averages ?
    August 3
    • markd
      Hi @RAClose,

      please post your question on the forum so everyone can benefit.

      As far as I know, you cannot scan for displaced moving averages. At least I haven't done it, or tried it. But someone on the forum might know.
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    August 2
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    July 31
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    July 26
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    July 21
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    July 19
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    July 18
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    July 15
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    July 13
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    July 10
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    July 9
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    July 7
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    July 5
  • ablueboy
    Markd, if you throw your scan results against a daily RRG and compare all of your results of that scan to the benchmark (example $SPX) you can get a very good idea how the scan results are moving for you before you go thru endless charts to find todays strengths.

    July 4
    • markd
      Thanks. RRG doesn't do much for me. I get why portfolio managers might like it, but for traders I think you miss too much if you don't look at the charts. Stocks not doing well on relative strength can have great long set ups once sellers are exhausted (prices stop going down even on heavy volume).
  • yubo
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    July 2
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    July 1
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    June 30
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    June 28
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    June 26
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    June 25
  • Nry
    How do I rebase two or more stocks so that I can overlay % correlations so they both start at 0% from selected time frame? (not share price, but percentage gains/correlation)
    June 25
  • truckdriver
    truckdriver and Russ joined.
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    June 23
  • MTSC
    Hi there!
    Is there a formula using the full stochastic in the daily timeframe that could replicate a full stochastic cross in the 2 hours timeframe?

    June 23
  • canuslupis2
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    June 21
  • Towen
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    June 18
  • tonedawgman
    Hi, did you ever get an answer for this question? I just started using this and noticed the same thing.
    June 19