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Volume Trendlines

Hi Chartists,
Does anyone know how I add volume trend lines to my charts? (apologies if this is an obvious oversight!)


  • There are no trend line overlays available from the indicator and overlay drop downs on the Chart Workbench.

    However, on the Annotate tool (link at bottom left of chart), there is an option for Trend Line under the second icon in the column of icons on the left hand side. Select "Trend Line", then move the + cursor to the start and end point, then select color and line thickness.
  • thank you Mark - what I intended to articulate was if there was a line which reflected the "AVERAGE" volume over the period and if this could be added over the volume bars as an overlay ?
    thank you
  • There are two ways.

    Under Chart Attributes, set Volume to "Off".

    Under "Indicators", select Volume from the drop down.

    In the Parameters box beside it, enter a number for the length of a simple moving average, like 21.

    Alternatively, if your subscription shows you an "Advanced Options" icon at the top of the "Indicators" table (to the right), click on that. Then, in the Overlay row for Volume, select one of the moving average options. In the Parameter row, add a number for the MA length. You can also specify color, like 21:blue. The color choice has to be one that is available in the "Color" drop downs.
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