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Scanning for reversals: price been in downtrend and there sudden pop

Ive created a simple to show me stock that have been in a downtrend for a year, after which point there is a pop up in price, i.e. a hope being to find something which is truly reversing and might sustain that reversal.

But due to my poor coding skills what I have written is a search showing stocks that have fallen 50% to 99% over the past year, and then have suddenly turned up.

and [PctChange (200,close) <= -50]
and [PctChange (200,close) >= -99]
and [MACD Line(12,26,9) x MACD Signal(12,26,9)]
and [MACD Line(12,26,9)>0]
and [MACD Signal(12,26,9)>0]

Can someone please help me to change the first part of my search to show stock that have been downtrending over the past year and then suddenly have a pop in price? I am open minded so i dont mind using just price...stochastics, MACD or other ideas to show that POP up.



  • If you don't care how long it's taken for price to get to the bottom of its 251 day range, you can use this:

    // price is in the lower 20 per cent of it's annual range
    and [Fast Stoch %K(251,1) < 20]

    Then for the pop, you might try

    // price was at the bottom of it's 10 day range in the last 10 days
    and [min(10, Fast Stoch %K(10, 1)) < 20]

    // today, price is in the top 80 per cent of its range
    and [Fast Stoch %K(10,1) > 80]

    You might want to add a volume pop, too.

    // the highest volume in the last 10 days is more than three time today's average daily volume for the last month
    and [max(10, volume) > sma(21,volume)*3]

    You can play with the parameters (20, 10, 80, 21, *3) to see what happens.
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