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Scanning for Point & Figure charts.

I am having trouble restricting how far back in time the Point & Figure Chart Scans go. I would like to restrict this scan "[type=stock]
and [Triple Top Breakout is true]" to pick up the appropriate stocks for the last 5 days, but am unable to figure it out as I am new to scanning. Can any one offer some help. thanks.


  • Point and Figure charts are updated only when price changes. If the last price change large enough to require an new entry on the chart was three weeks ago, and at that time there was a Triple Top Breakout, your scan will hit it.

    It appears you can not choose the box size and reversal size when scanning. If you could, you would make the box size smaller and the reversal size, too, to get more recent price action. But then, the signals would imply smaller price changes, too.
  • Ok, thanks. I was trying to find something that wouldn't pickup hits months ago making them out of date.
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