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SUGGESTION: Does anyone know how to send this to the Webmaster for STOCKCHARTS?

I have tried to send to the support staff, but they don't fully understand the need for this. I also sent a recent note to John Murphy, but have not heard back. If he is the right guy who can get this done, then please ignore this note. Otherwise, if someone on this forum knows how to route this suggestion to the webmaster for, please route on my behalf...thanks in advance... SUGGESTION:

SUGGESTION TO THE WEBMASTER: please place a copy of the "View All" button alongside the "Apply To All" button, OR, add coding to the "Apply To All" button so we only need to click only the "Apply To All" to changes all the charts within each chart list. Currently we have to click "Apply to All", then the pop up box "OK" then the next pop up box "OK" and then "View All" to have that change actually applied to all the charts in the chart list. When running multiple chart lists each night and after making multiple changes within each chart list to test various indicators and oscillators, while building formulae etc., this becomes a major annoyance and time waster. Thanks in advance.


  • Support is the right place to go for questions of this kind. John Murphy is a technical analyst whose main role is to contribute market commentary to the site. He wouldn't get involved in nuts and bolts web design issues.

    However, there is no need to go to "View All" to APPLY the change, only to SEE the charts after the change has already been applied.

    If you want to apply changes to multiple lists in a row, you can hit just "apply to all", OK, OK (notice there is a check box so that you can eliminate the second "OK" if you want).

    Then, you can just go to the next list by selecting it from the drop down "in Chart List" at the top of the page. The first chart in the new list will appear on the Chart Workbench. Then you can select the new style and hit "apply all", ok, ok, again. Then get the next list, etc.

    There is no need to "verify" the change has happened. It will occur after the final OK whether you choose to view the list after the change or not. Try it!
  • Mark'd: Yes, if we are using only 1 chart, and bouncing between views, for that one chart. In my case I am working multiple charts within each of multiple lists. [Sorry, don't mean to be difficult or even thick-headed, just trying to clarify to mine your mind for additional efficiency.] Here's a point by point case this required clarification?

    Assume 45 stocks in a list AND assuming part of the filtering process is to cull the list by examining each stock in that list consecutively using the "10-per-page FORMAT" view. Then switching time periods to review that same list once again in the "10-per-page" format. Changing time periods multiple times and running the entire list through each time period using the "10-Per-Page Format" view.

    CASE: Assume 45 stocks are viewed under a default of "5-years, MONTHLY" and we select the "10-per-page" format from the initial drop-down box at top of the page. After scanning the 45 using the 5-year, monthly, (10-per-page), we decide to keep 38 but to have another look at each, once again in a "10-per-page" format, but this time resetting the chart parameters to "2-year, daily".

    At this point to view all 38 charts, in a 2-yr-daily view, using "10-per-page format" we click "Apply To All", "OK", "OK", then you must click "View All" to bring up the "10-per-page format" once again. Assume we keep 15 and want a closer look at each in a new time period.

    Now we reset to "5-days-1-hour" view, then have to click "Apply To All", "OK", "OK", and then once again "View All" to return to all 15 charts in the "10-per-page format". At this point we may end up with our final list of candidate stocks.

    Repeat this after market close and sometimes intra-day, so sometimes 2x daily, and comparing previously saved lists to current and so on... You can see how this adds up to a bunch of time that may be better served if the "Apply to All" was automatic and applied each time-period change to all stocks within the same list as that for which the time period is reset...or if there was a way to achieve this process with fewer clicks...or am I just missing something?

    Sorry...Slow learner here. I do appreciate the time/effort you invested to help clarify. Thanks in advance.
  • I see the issue.

    I don't think they will go for a change to the workbench screen, since an automatic "apply all" would not suit those who keep chart lists with multiple formats. If you hit it accidentally, you would wipe out all your work.

    However, they might consider adding a "Delete" button to the "Gallery" view of the chart list. This has multiple time frames built in - intraday, daily and weekly (but not monthly) - and you can customize the view for each time frame. I don't think a Delete button on this page, if it is possible, would interfere with any other function.

    An off the top of my head suggestion for reviewing - I'm not sure how this would work, but you could try opening the same list in two browser screens, one in Gallery, one in Edit. View the list in Gallery and then, when you want to delete one, go to the Edit screen and check the symbol you want to delete. When you have reviewed the whole list, hit the delete button at the bottom of the Edit page. To refresh the Gallery page, you would have to switch to another list (maybe empty, just for this purpose, so it doesn't take long to refresh), then back to your target list in Gallery. Just an idea. Not sure if it is easier.
  • FWIW (probably not too much), I'd like to see a delete button on the Summary Screen. It'd be nice on occasion, but I'm getting by fine w/o it.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited December 2017
    I think it would be great if they could somehow combine the features of the summary screen and the edit screen into one.

    For instance, let's say you run a scan on the Energy sector and you want to keep the results in separate lists by industry. You could include rank by industry in your scan (or sort and re-number on the summary page), but when you go to the edit page to move/copy symbols to other lists, there is no indication on the edit page which symbols belong to which sector/industry. You can save the results in a temp list, then open that list in two browsers, one in edit and one in summary, but that's kind of a pain.

    An alternative is to run the scan five times, once for each industry, which is not too bad for a sector like Energy or Health or Utilities, but it would be a pain for Financials, Cyclicals or Technology, especially since you may get zero hits for a lot of industries in those sectors. Compare running 9 scans for each sector and editing, to running 105 scans, many with no results.
  • Hi,

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  • Old thread but you can also apply different saved chartstyles to partial or entire ChartLists in the Edit function. You check the ones you want to apply and chartstyle to and then, at the bottom there is a Apply Style To button (looks like a paint brush).

    You may ask your self, how would I know which ones I want to apply it to after doing my first 10 per page review? Well, when you are in your 10 per page review, simply click on the Comments box at the bottom of each chart you want to change and add and save a comment to the chart. This comment will show up in the Edit so that you know which ones were marked as wanting further review. Select those and change the chartstyle.

    Now, if only you could see the Comments in Summary view, THAT would be great, as you could sort on that perhaps. There are other workarounds but it would be the most beneficial, time effective if it were available there.

    Another option would be to do the Comments suggestion, and then check off the ones you want in the different format in EDIT and copy or merge them to a different chartlist so only the ones changed would appear on that list and change your styles there.
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