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How to use stock charts for day trading?

I need your help to find good stocks to do day trading/swing trading. I am using Predefined Scan Results to find these kind of stocks. But its not helping me find stocks which will are about to shoot up/ shooting up. How do I write a custom query which will help me to find stocks in a little advance which will shoot up or shooting up during the day?


  • I think there are some day traders who drop in here, so maybe they will have something to say.

    But in the meantime, I think most individual stocks that pop suddenly do so on unexpected news. There are two kinds - "scheduled" unexpected news, as when an earnings announcement over or under shoots, and "random" unexpected news, like an analyst upgrade or downgrade, getting or losing a contract, etc. Of course, some of this is not totally "random" if you are following the industry or company. Other "scheduled" news would be government economic reports, fed meetings, etc. that especially affect an industry like housing or banking, etc. So, if you want to catch those, follow the earnings and reports calendars on a site like, say, Bloomberg.

    If you want to day trade without all the homework, there are leveraged bull and bear etfs for different markets - stock indexes, certain industries and commodities. There are also futures, mini-futures and options on futures for different indexes. Of course there is quite a bit more risk in leveraged instruments so, as the saying goes, know thyself.
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    You might be interested in Joanne Klein's public chart list site "Above the Green Line" for short term ideas:
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