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3 charts on 1 screen view

Is there any way I can show 3 charts on 1 screen view ... for example, a daily candlestick chart, a daily Elder bar chart, and a daily Renko chart. This would give me a fast way to see 2 different "opinions/ perspectives" of the same stock symbol.


  • If you have the appropriate browser extensions or plug-ins (not sure which) you could open three browser windows and tile them.
  • Yes ... browser windows ... but I was hoping to show them all on 1 page view so I could QUICKLY view many charts.... with the multiple windows, I must retype the symbol in each window every time the symbol changes.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2017
    @azb You could try Gallery view. Although it is intended to show the stock in different time frames, it may not "know" your style's time frame. If it doesn't, it should allow you to put them all in the same time frame but in different styles. You would just have to label them by the "wrong" time frame.
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