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show current price on renko chart

How can I show the current price on a Renko or Heikin-Ashley chart. I only see the chart bars, but need the current price


  • In the chart attributes section of chart workbench, check "full quote". The current price will display above the chart.
  • I was hoping to see the current price on the chart .... especially useful on candleglance charts .... clearly, without all the clutter of the full quote section
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2017
    On Renko charts, current close appears above the chart without the full quote option.

    Another alternative is have two styles, and two browser windows open.

    Or else just go with the philosophy behind one chart style or the other. I imagine with Renko charts they don't show the current close because it's not useful information for that style. Otherwise, it would be there.
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