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How can I create a scan to find stocks whose RSI(14)crosses its SMA(3) ?

I plot SMA(3) of RSI(14) and use the SMA(3) as the signal line
to find crossovers.

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  • markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2017 Answer ✓
    On the advanced scan page, you can select both RSI and sma from the Technical Indicators drop down. Edit both of them to remove the operators and values to the right of the operators, leaving just the indicators. Then edit them for the parameters you want. In the sma, substitute RSI(14) for "volume". Put them on the same line and put the "x" operator between them. "x" means cross above. So if you put sma on the left of x, the scan looks for sma crossing above RSI. If you put RSI on the left, it looks for RSI crossing above sma.

    If you have a problem, copy and paste as far as you got.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2017 Answer ✓
    I made a couple of small changes. This passes syntax.

    AND [RSI(14) X SMA(3,RSI(14)) ]

    You needed spaces around the X operator (and any other operator).

    You needed one more closing parenthesis -notice your version has just one closing parenthesis after the 14 for RSI. There needs to be a second one to complete the SMA function.

    The scan engine error messages are good for locating which line has an error(s), but the reason(s) provided usually don't help much. Most of the time, errors are created by a minor editing problem, like not having enough parentheses, or misspelling a function name, or sometimes its spacing.


  • Thanks markd. I could not get it to work. Please see the following:
    our scan syntax is incorrect. Could not parse "14)XSMA(3RSI(14" located in the clause "[TYPE = STOCK] AND [DAILY SMA(20,DAILY VOLUME) > 40000] AND [RSI(14)XSMA(3,RSI(14) ]" (an integer was expected)
    Reset Criteria Run Scan Check Syntax
    Further help from you is needed. Thanks.
  • you wrote .......40000] AND [RSI(14)XSMA(3,RSI(14) ]
    your missing another ")" to the right of the last 14)........RSI(14)) ]
    then re-run.

    just a thought,
    Quill -
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