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another annotation glitch

Just recently I've been having troubles with the callout tool in annotation. See attached pics. I enter my text, hit CTRL-ENTER, and *sometimes* get a big white box with an "h" in the upper lefthand corner. Infuriating thing is, it doesn't happen every time. Seems like it happens most often when I create a callout and then try to open it back up and edit what I put in the callout box. What the heck is going on? Anybody seen this before or know what to do?


  • I can't reproduce the conditions.

    I wonder how you are re-entering the box to edit it. Do you double-click on it?
  • Um, yes, I think so. Why, does this make a difference? Is there some other way to edit the words in the box? You highlight it then double click it, yes?
  • I didn't think there is any other way.

    I think I misunderstood when the problem is occurring. It's not when you enter the box, it's when you exit the box - not the first time you create it, but some time later when you enter the box, edit it, then leave it using Control-Enter.

    My thought is, since software problems are usually consistent, but your problem is intermittent, it could be something you are doing without realizing it. It's a mystery where that "h" come from if it doesn't come from the keyboard. I wonder if you are hitting extra keys when you do control - enter to exit the box? Even if you aren't, I would be curious to know if you get the problem exit the box by just clicking elsewhere (blank space on the chart somewhere outside the box you are editing). If you do, then it's much more likely to be a software flaw.

  • Markd, thanks. I am being extremely careful not to hit that damn "h" key! The first couple of times I said to myself, "you clumsy oaf, you hit the h key". But this has happened so many times now, while being careful, that the "h" is not some random movement by me....tonight, of course, I can't get the annotate function to screw up for love or money, unlike earlier today when it wouldn't do anything right at all....strange.
    I'll post again when/if it starts acting freaky. Very strange.
  • Markd et al,
    Problem solved! Turns out that, if you annotate a 5 minute chart every day for a long while, years maybe, all those annotations eventually clog up the works somehow and slow down the annotation tool when you use it in the future. It was Mindy at tech support who deserves credit for figuring out what to do: simple! just go into annotations, click the trash can, click OK, and presto! no more snails pace when you re-annotate your chart...just be sure to delete old annotations once in a while.
  • Wow! you hit the limit. That takes some dedication :) . Glad you got it fixed.
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