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scanning for high vol and narrow spread

Simple question about a potentially powerful scan: the attached chart shows a very bullish setup: extremely high volume on extremely narrow spread. Obviously bullish, but my question is, how to scan for it? I've just got the "Basic" Stockcharts service now. Would I need the "Extra" Stockcharts package to properly set up a scan to find fresh examples of this bullish setup?
Thanks, Tasuki
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  • Apparently, Basic allows only pre-defined scans. So you would need Extra to write a custom scan. Well worth it if you have the patience to learn how to write scans. Pretty easy to master the basics if you've had some exposure to programming - maybe a BASIC class. A few things to get used to if you haven't. The scan language is MUCH easier than any programming language, but it does require a little persistence. There are videos and documentation, including scan samples you can copy and edit, to help learn it.
  • Many thanks, markd. guess I'll have to buckle down and learn to program a scan.
  • markdmarkd mod
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    @Tasuki Great!

    Here's a link to the scan library page:

  • Thanks, markd. Didn't Chip or Arthur do a series of classes on scanning and how to use the new and improved "advanced scanning" some time ago? I seem to remember something like 3 classes on them. I tried browsing the Stockcharts webinar archive on Vimeo, but couldn't find anything with the words "scan" or "scanning" as search terms, but I'm sure they must be there somewhere. Anybody know how to find those webinar classes?

    This is a link to all available videos. The link goes directly to the scanning videos, but if you scroll up, there are videos for other features, too.

    There was once a "stock charts university" as well, but it seems to be dormant. Also, I think the ChartCon videos are available for a price.
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