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Percent Above a Moving Average

I simply want to scan for all stocks that are 10% or more above their 9 EMA. Appreciate any help!


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2017
    On the advanced scan page, select EMA twice from the Technical Indicators drop down.

    Edit the ema so it has "9, close" inside the parentheses instead of "50,volume".

    Edit out the "> 9999999" s.

    Place the two EMAs on one line with a ">" sign between them.

    After the second EMA add " * 1.1"

    Begin the line with "and" and put brackets around the two emas [ ... ]

    Your first line should indicate the stocks you want to look at, like

    [group is sp500]

    followed by your ema condition.

    Click the check syntax button. Fix any errors.

    Save the scan with a name.

    If you have a problem, post what you have.

    Here's a link to scan examples you can copy/paste and edit:

    Also there are videos and tutorial pages.
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