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Request assistance with setting up a scan

I am trying to set up a scan to locate charts where there occur crosses of PMO Signal(4,14,4) with PMO line(4,14,4) occuring
below the 0.0 line of PMO(4,14,4). I believe the phrasing for the crossing portion should be:

[PMO Signal(4,14,4) x PMO Line(4,14,4)]

What I need help with is phrasing to either add to this line or place on another line limit the results of the scan to only for those crosses that occur below 0.0 on the PMO(4,14,4). Thank you for your help.


  • If you want both to be below zero, you need two statements: a statement for PMO signal < 0, then another statement for PMO line < 0.

    // Signal is below zero
    and [PMO Signal(4,14,4) < 0]

    // Line is below zero
    and [PMO Line(4,14,4) < 0]

    // Signal crosses above Line
    [PMO Signal(4,14,4) x PMO Line(4,14,4)]

    If only one has to be below zero, include just the statement that specifies that.
  • Both would need to be below (0) as looking to screen for those charts where the cross
    occurs below the 0.0 line. Thank you for your reply.
  • Worked just fine. Thank you. Just needed a little additional help after reading the tutorials.
    You are right, it's a learning process but tutorials are where to start.

    Reminds me of taking a logic course in college again, or geometry in high school- there is a symmetry to the process.
  • @golden123 , Good point. A lot of scanning, like programming, is developing flexibility in the way you think about what you want to do - re-stating or describing the problem in different ways and trying them out. Eventually a good solution comes to you.
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