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Hello! I would like to create a scan that finds stocks that have only move up 1 day in a row

Right now my scan engine incorporates [today's close > yesterday's close] and this does the job of finding a stock that has move up for the day, however it also finds stocks that have been moving up for multiple days. If anyone have technical knowledge on how to add into the scanner to find a stock that has only moved up one day in a row that would be awesome, Thanks!


  • When you want to look at values more than one day ago (yesterday), you can specify the exact day(s) you want to look at, relative to the current day, using

    1 day ago

    2 days ago

    3 days ago


    So in your case, you need 1 day ago (yesterday) to be a down close - meaning, less than the close before that, which is 2 days ago.

    If you have a problem putting it together, post what you have.
  • Thanks markd!
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