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create scans for $smla50r in same way $nya50r exists on stockcharts symbol list

the symbol $nya50r will tell you what percentage of all stocks on the Nyse are above their 50 day moving average . I am trying to create a scan that will do this for the symbols $sml ,$mid, and $tran.
I am also looking for scans that would create bullish percents for $sml , and $mid. I am guessing the symbols would be $bpsml, and $bpmid. Any help would be appreciated


  • The scan engine returns only symbols, not numbers in any form.

    However, the results page does tell you how may symbols were returned for the condition(s) you specified. So if you know how many symbols you scanned, you can calculate the per cent hits separately.

    I believe [group is sp600] captures the stocks in $SML, and [group is sp400] captures the $MID. You would have to do some research to determine which stocks are in the $TRAN, make a list containing those stocks and run a scan against that list.

    Your scan condition would just be

    [specify group/list]

    and [close > sma(50,close)]

    I never do P&F scans so I'm guessing from here forward. I believe bullish percent looks for stocks on a buy signal. You may be able to mimic that by running a scan against the groups/list with an "or" statement that includes all the bullish patterns from the P&F drop down on the advanced scan page. Maybe somebody can correct me if that's not right.
  • markd , I will give your solutions a try. Thanks for your quick response.
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