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Problem with Moving Average Enveolopes

HI All,

I've been using moving average envelopes for some time on my charts. I am currently trying to see the upper band and have been told by Stockcharts support that for this particular chart it will not work as they can't re-frame it. I've tried manipulating the date ranges and still can't see the upper band. This only started happening a few weeks ago. Any ideas you have would be much appreciated! I'm trying to get BRK/B with a 8% above below SMA envelope. Thanks!!

Best Answer


  • Yes the charts are auto scaled around the price, for the highs and lows during the chart duration, not for the highs and lows of the indicators or overlays. Thus for this particular chart and the SMA 50 envelope at 8% the upper band at the right and the lower band at the left will be off the chart. However the value is still shown in the text at the upper left, 176.86

    Why do you need to see the actual line is the data value not sufficient, or are you trying to annotate a chart for a printed example ? If so there are ways to do that.
  • Hi Gord, thanks for your response!

    Yes while I know the data is still there, I like to look visually to see the price action as compared to prior instances of when the price went above the moving average envelope. If I did want to do a printed and annotated chart, do you have a suggestion as the best way to go about that?


  • Thank you!! This solves it form me!!
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