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RRG and PrefChart

Hello Everyone

While studying RRG and RRG ranking tables %Chng column is bothering me a lot. (plz chk attachment)
What it really means ? Till now I believe its Relative return of indices in the universe against benchmark.
If that is true, then its not matching with relative return value we get from prefChart using same time span, indices and benchmark.

Check this RRG$CNXENERGY,$CNXIT,$CNXPHARMA,INFY.IN&b=$NIFTY&p=w&y=5&t=30&r=82.42,116.95,93.94,105.09&f=tail,d&h=$CNXIT&i=$CNXENERGY,$CNXPHARMA,INFY.IN %Chng for CNXIT is -2% and benchmark is $NIFTY.

Where is PrefChart$NIFTY,$CNXIT&n=210&O=011000&B=$NIFTY Relative return is 20%.

Please help me understand whats wrong !!


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2017
    I was unable to find an explanation of what the % change column means in the RRG table. If you are a member, you could click on the RRG link on the members page and put the question to Julius, or, maybe contact support.

    Unfortunately, the RRG link doesn't seem to recreate a chart with the symbols shown in the link, so I couldn't verify that it was starting on the same date as the perfchart.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2017
    OK, I did some investigation.

    On RRG, %chg is the period ending date close divided by the period beginning date close.

    On Perfchart, the line version, the % change shown is also ending close/starting close. In the Histogram version, there are TWO per cent change values - the absolute change, which is the same as line version, and the "relative change" - that is, the difference between base symbol change (e.g. $SPX) and the target symbol change (e.g. XLU).

    Now here is where I think it is easy to go wrong. Perfchart start and end dates are based on a daily timeframe. If you select "1 month" it translates that into 23 days.

    RRG has two timeframes - daily and weekly. If you set it to daily, it should give the same %change results as Perfchart when you select a tail that equals the Perfchart time period (up to thirty days). If you select "Weekly" time frame in RRG, it may not choose the same starting date as Perfchart for what might be described as a similar period - e.g one month might be 4 weeks on RRG, using the the Friday close, whereas 23 days could choose a mid-week close.
  • You nailed it @markd

    %chg on the table below RRGs is the price performance (absolute) over the length of the tail, and yes daily and weekly periods make a big difference and that is indeed the cause for differences between PerfCharts and RRG % chng
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