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Scanning for stocks

How do I scan for stocks that are trading 33% lower (or greater) than their highs ?

I also want to look only at charts that have atleast 5 years of data?



  • If you haven't already, you could start here to get familiar with the basics of putting together a scan:

    Also follow the links on that page to additional documentation and videos. It take a little time, but it's worth it. The pre-defined scans can be pretty helpful as models.

    Also, you need to get more specific with the conditions you are looking for. Which highs are you referring to? Weekly, monthly, annual? Do you want all stocks around the world, or just US or just Canadian? Do you want big cap or small cap? Any sector or just industrials, etc.
  • Hi Markd...I am not really good at advanced scanning.......been a member of stockcharts since 2003....great on technical indicators ( they are easy) and the art of interpreting a pattern on a chart.... my problem is setting up to look for percentages (I was also like this in school).

    I need to find stocks in a weekly chart that have been trading for atleast 5 years and have dropped atleast 33% ( or more) in value. I trade usually canadian on the tsx and usa on the nyse...Also, stocks who's value is less than 25$....

    To date I am just eyeballing them....if there is a quick way or any quick formula....I would appreciate it....thanks
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2017
    OK. See how this does:

    [ [exchange is TSE] or [exchange is NYSE] ]

    and [close < 25]

    and [sma(251, close) > 126 days ago sma(251,close)]

    and [min(126, Fast Stoch %K(251,1)) > 60]
    and [Fast Stoch %K(251,1) < 66]

    This looks for stocks on the TSE or NYSE under 25 that are in a long term up trend and are down more than 34 % but less than 40 per cent for the first time in six months.

    Copy and paste it into your advanced scan window, - first delete the text that is already there - then save it and name it. Then run it.

    If you want to check that it is doing what it says, you need to add a simple moving average - 251 bars - to your daily chart, and Fast Stochastics with the parameters 251,1. There is no simple indicator for the age of a symbol, so you will have check manually for the five years of data.
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