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Value of MACD line, Signal Line and Difference after the ex-dividend date

I was tracking the MACD line value, Signal line Value and Histogram Value on Kohls but since it went ex-dividend on March 6, my values do not match Stockcharts. What is the method for calculating? Thanks.


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    See the Chart School article for the MACD calculation method:

    More likely, though, the difference is in your data vs the dividend adjusted Stockcharts data.

    If you go here:|t=-7

    and look for KSS on 3/6/2017 you will see KSS was adjusted 55 cents for the dividend. So all past prices will be different by that amount.

    If you want to see UNadjusted price data, put an underscore in front of the symbol _KSS. You can view the data used to plot the chart by clicking on the "Past Data" link under the chart. Then look at KSS without the underscore, and click Past Data. You will see how the data is different.

    For more, enter "data adjustment" in the site search window.

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    markd: Thank you for the information. I looked at the "past data" prices and they appear to have been adjusted, so that will explain the reason my data differs. The prices used as a base are the official exchange's close correct? (i.e. NYSE) and not the after hours pricing.
    I can understand adjusting it on the ex-dividend, but I am challenged as to why you go back well beyond that date. Is it for smoothing purposes? The reason I have tracked the prices separately, is to play the "what if" scenario of what future closing prices will cause the lines to cross, and cause the histogram to turn positive. So just confirm, when a stock goes ex-dividend, all previous end of day closing prices (to the beginning of time) are adjusted based upon the respective exchange's official close. Appreciate your help!!!
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    @macdmacd As I noted above, If you put "data adjustment" in the site search window, you will find explanations of their data policies. Other search terms may lead to more information. I'm not associated with the site, so I don't want to answer for the very specific detail you are asking about. If the site information you find is not clear, Support may be able to answer any questions you have.
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