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candle glance

Could anyone please tell me how or how to find the info on changing the deflaut in candleglance? somehow i have mine foulded up and cannot seem to figure out how to fix it...

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  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2017 Answer ✓

    You need to have a chart style you create named Candleglance.

    There is more than one way to do this, but here's what I do. Read all the way through before you do anything. Basically, we are going to create a chart style and save it twice, once as a custom chart style for ordinary charts, and once again for Candleglance charts.

    We want to save the chart style separately from the style named Candleglance so you can experiment with different styles without re-doing everything each time. Also, you might want to have several Candleglance styles - say one or two for daily with different indicators, then for weekly and for monthly and switch between them.

    On Chart Workbench, pick and choose the chart features you think will work well in Candleglance view.

    When your are done, select "Add New" (second row of options under the charts, that begins with the words "ChartStyles")

    Give the style a name, like "01 two months daily with MACD" and save it.

    You will see "01 two months ... etc" appear in the drop down window at the start of the row where you clicked "Add New".

    Open up that drop down so you see all the available chart styles. You may have to scroll down to see them all, depending on what you have created so far.

    What you do next depends on whether you already have a chart style called "Candleglance"

    If you do NOT have a chart style called Candleglance:

    Make sure the chart style you have on the chart is "01 two month..etc." - the one you just created and want to use for Candleglance -

    Click on "Add New"

    Type in "Candleglance" - all one word and add it. - That's it. Open a list in candleglance view and check it out.

    If you ALREADY HAVE a chart style called Candleglance:

    Again, make sure the current chart style that you see on the chart at this moment is the one you want,

    Click on "Replace" (right next to Add New, on the menu).

    Slide down to select Candleglance and click "Replace" (in the pop up window).

    If you don't like the way the chart style looks in Candleglance, go back to the Chart workbench, create another chart style, name it and save it (or modify the first one and save the changes), and then replace the style named Candleglance again.


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