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I have a new problem, when I open a chart and move the cursor over the chart it becomes an cross instead of the usual hand with the pointing finger. LOL it won't let me do anything but run it acrossed the chart. I cannot click on the moving averages in the top left corner or anything. it works normal in candle glance, can anyone help???


  • Are you keeping track of what view you are in? I get the "cross" only in Chart Workbench view, where you can change the options for your chart in the area below the chart. You may have to scroll down to see those options.

    You can find yourself in Chart Workbench view in several ways:

    if you enter a symbol at the top of the page right under the main menu, where it says "Create a chart" and defaults to "SharpChart";

    you go there if you click on a chart in "10 per page" view or in Candleglance view, or in Gallery view;

    in Chart Book view, if you click on the Change Settings link at the bottom left it also takes you to Chart Workbench;

    in Market Carpet if you click on the chart icon at the upper right;

    in RRG if you click on the chart icon in the first column on the left.

    I suppose it's also possible you are in Annotate view. If you are, click on the "x" in the upper right corner to exit.
  • Ok so I go to my chart lists, click on summary and click on the chart and the cross comes up. Know idea how to fix this problem...
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    @gerry64 When I do that, it takes me to selected chart in Chart Workbench view. The cursor is a cross, just as you say. Why is that problem? What is it you want to do?
  • Well maybe its not a problem, i was thinking that when I went there before I could click say the sma and it would open up another chart, maybe I'm wrong and there is no problem, I was thinking that when i opened this it was a hand with the finger pointing,,, if now I'm sorry I wasted your time.
  • No problem.

    None of the chart elements, like MAs or Bollinger Bands, or the indicators above and below the chart are "interactive". In the views mentioned above, like 10 per page, clicking ANYWHERE on the chart will bring you the same chart in Workbench view in your default style, although it might seem that it happened because you clicked on the MA, or whatever. So, if you click on the chart in say, Candleglance or Gallery, which probably are not in your default style, it would appear you are going to new version of the chart.
  • Thank you, youve been a great help.
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