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Inclusive Dates

The scans are set to show all stocks meeting set criteria today, and I have learned to set it to show all stocks meeting set criteria at a specified time in the past, say, 90 days. Any idea how to set it to show all stocks that would meet the criteria at any point in that time?



  • That would be nice, but as far as I know, it can't be done. You have the run the scan for each individual date.

    There can be some exceptions if the conditions are broad enough. For instance, you could probably write something that would test for a close below the 200 day MA some number of days ago and above it today. That would imply that a crossover occurred some time in the specified period (although it could include cases with more than one crossover).

    But if you are testing more specific or shorter time frame events, like a default MACD Line crossing it's Signal line, you would need to run the scan for each bar (or maybe each several bars, depending on how you write it) to get useful results.
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