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ADX & +/- DMI settings

With SC is there a way to setup ADX/DMI as an indicator with one setting for ADX and a different setting for +/- DMI?



  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2017
    Well, sort of.

    You can set up ADX with one parameter.

    Then, right underneath it, set up ADX(withDMI...) with a different parameter. Then, for Position, select "Behind Indicator". This will display both indicators in the same panel.

    The problem is, the two ADX lines make things kind of confusing. You might be able to mute the second ADX line (the one with DMI+,-) if you add an overlay "Simple Moving Average" with the parameters "1:white". The SMA(1) will more or less overwrite the ADX line with the color you specify. You should probably choose a color that comes close to your chart style background color. The second ADX line probably won't disappear, but it will be less visible.
  • I use 2 parameters the ADX/DI parameter box, it's not exactly what your requesting, but you may want to play around with it. I use 13,8 as per the adxcellence book
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