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Within 1% of 200SMA

Is there a way to come up with a syntax that will provide a scan that shows such as 1% within SMA preferably greater than.


  • This is between 1% above and 1% below the sma.

    and [close < sma(200,close) *1.01]
    and [close > sma(200,close) * .99]

    Note you need both an upper limit statement and a lower limit statement.

    If you just say

    and [close < sma(200,close) *1.01]

    the result will be anything less than 1% above the sma - so it could be a close 20% below the sma because that is less than 1% above it.

    If you want results ONLY above (greater than) the 200 MA, then the lower limit statement would be

    and [close > sma(200, close)]
  • Thank you Mark, works perfect!
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