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Intraday swing scans

Hello, Sorry I have recently started toying around with stockcharts and was wondering how can I scan for stocks which are up by 90 cents or down by 90 cents and having a volume above 10000. I think its fairly easy but just that I am not able to write it properly. Can someone help?


  • I wrote this

    [type = stock] AND [exchange is TSX]
    AND [close > 0.90*[high - low] + low] AND
    [volume > 10000]
  • I think this is the proper one
    [type = stock] AND [exchange is TSX]
    AND [[high-low > .9] OR [high-low < .9] ]AND
    [volume > 10000]
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2017


    [close > 1 day ago close +.90]


    [close < 1 day ago close - .90]


    That says, find stocks that closed up MORE THAN 90 cents from yesterday's close, or closed down MORE THAN 90 cents.

    If you mean that you want today's close to be WITHIN 90 cents of yesterday's close, reverse the > and < signs.

    Notice this is an "or" statement. Click on the "Instructions" link at the bottom of the Advanced Scan page to read about how they have to be constructed (they need a set of brackets to group the choices) and when to use them. (I noticed you did this correctly in the last version, so this note is for other readers.)

    You can put an "or" statement all on one line, but it's easier to see what you are doing if each statement within the or condition gets its own line, as shown above.

    Also, it's easier to keep track of things if you start a new line each time you come to an "and".


    [type = stock]
    AND [exchange is TSX]
    AND [volume > 10000]

    AND [[high-low > .9] OR [high-low < .9] ]

    For a simple scan like this, it seems unimportant, but as your scans get more complicated, it helps.

    Also, the scan will run a little faster if you put the characteristics of the stocks you want (the "universe") at the top of the scan (as I've re-arranged yours) - things that don't have to be calculated, like exchange, volume, sector or industry group, etc. If you do that, the scan engine only has to do the calculations you request for those selected stocks.

  • You are the best @markd . Hats off to your knowledge.. <3
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