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link a scan to several watchlists

edited April 2017 in Scanning
Could anyone pease tell me how to link all my watch lists together when I run a scan? say I have 4 watch lists and i want to scan them all at once how would i do this??


  • You need an "or" statement at the top of your scan that includes all your list names

    Step one: on the Advanced Scan page, select all the lists you want to include from the "Chart List" drop down. They will show up at the very bottom of your scan. Leave them there until step two.

    Step two: cut and paste all your lists to the very top of your scan.

    Step three: for the FIRST list name, erase the "and" in front of the list name

    Step four: for every other list after the first one, change the "and" to "or".

    Step five: put an opening bracket "[" on the line above the first list.

    Step six: put a closing bracket on the line below the last list.

    So it should look something like this:

    [favorites list is 1] // list name
    or [favorites list is 2] // next list name
    or [favorites list is 3] // next list name
    or [favorites list is 4] // next list name

  • thanks and have a great Easter wkend.
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