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Stocks that Move and Does not move with the market

Hello folks,

Just want to pick your brains on how to scan for stocks that move or does not move with the market. Any ideas?



  • I'm sure there's more than one way, but I'll suggest this one:

    First, you need to create a list, or several different lists, of stocks you are interested in.

    If don't have lists already, you can create some easily. Hit the "Create a list" link on the member page, and name it, then import groups or industry stocks (up to 500) from the options available under "Add Symbols" on the Edit page.

    Then add to each list a symbol for the index you think represents the market, like $SPX or $COMPQ.

    Then run a scan that includes one list name and the "rank by" statement with the ROC indicator, using a parameter for the period of time you are interested in. For instance:

    [favorites list is 52] // Cyclical stocks

    rank by ROC(21)

    Save the results list to either a new list or a scratch list that you can re-use. VERY IMPORTANT: Put a check in the box next to "Preserve sorted order".

    When you view the saved list, those stocks appearing above the index chart are outperforming the market, and those below it are under performing - for the period of time you selected with the ROC parameter. If you change the parameter, the order of the results will change.

    Note: you have to select your [favorites list] from the Chart Lists drop down on the Advanced Scan page. If you just type it in, it won't give you a syntax error, but you will get 0 results.
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