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"Rounded Bottom Breakout" or upside down "Head and Shoulders" scan

edited April 2017 in SharpCharts
Does anyone know the syntax or commands for scanning "Rounded Bottom Breakout" or upside down "Head and Shoulder". Thanks


  • The Stockcharts scan engine is oriented toward finding discrete indicator signals, like MACD crossovers. It is not oriented toward finding price patterns that develop over an extended period of time. That is not to say it can't be done, but it takes a lot of experimentation with different indicators and overlays and their parameter and time frames to come up with something that captures what you are looking for. Also, because each instance of a pattern develops uniquely, any scan you come up with (even for much simpler patterns), besides hitting a few good patterns, will capture some junk and miss some patterns your eye would tell you are good. But you might explore the built-in P&F pattern scans to see if any might correspond with the price bar pattern you are looking for.
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