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Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA) Scans Breakout Scan

Hello, All,

If you looked at my last post, I created a scan for positions in which the short term band of the GMMA is above the long term band, and the short-term band is showing a short-term uptrend (all EMA's in order). I did want a scan, however, which found me positions closer to the establishment of a new trade. I wrangled with this one a bit, but finally came up with this:

[type = stock] AND [Daily SMA(20,Daily Volume) > 40000]
and [SCTR >75]

and [today's ema(3,close) > today's ema(5,close)] and [today's ema(5,close) > today's ema(8,close)] and [today's ema(8,close) > today's ema(10,close)] and [today's ema(10,close) > today's ema(12,close)] and [today's ema(12,close) > today's ema(15,close)]

and [today's ema(15,close) > today's ema(30,close)] and [yesterday's ema(15,close) <= yesterday's ema(30,close)]
or [today's ema(15,close) > today's ema(35,close)] and [yesterday's ema(15,close) <= yesterday's ema(35,close)]
or [today's ema(15,close) > today's ema(40,close)] and [yesterday's ema(15,close) <= yesterday's ema(40,close)]
or [today's ema(15,close) > today's ema(45,close)] and [yesterday's ema(15,close) <= yesterday's ema(45,close)]
or [today's ema(15,close) > today's ema(50,close)] and [yesterday's ema(15,close) <= yesterday's ema(50,close)]
or [today's ema(15,close) > today's ema(60,close)] and [yesterday's ema(15,close) <= yesterday's ema(60,close)]

and [Close > 10.00]
and [Close < 50.00]

Not perfect. The first group under the SCTR insured that the short term band is all in order, which I want.

The second group insures that in the last day, the bottom EMA of the short-term band has crossed over one of the EMA's comprising the long-term band. (I tried having it cross over all of them, but that provided 0 results, as the ST rarely crosses over ALL of the LT EMA's in the same day. I ran this scan, and it returned 100 positions, all of which look like they are either very close to, or have just experienced, a full short-term/long-term band full crossover. For most of these, it was prior to the complete crossover, so I'll have to watch these positions closely, but it looks like this scan may help me to identify positions that are either very close to breaking out in a new bullish trend, or that have very recently broken into a new bullish trend (of course I use other indicators to verify, and I don't buy right at the breakout, but I think this will be helpful).

As always, I really would appreciate any comments which you may have on the screen, and of course, suggestions to improve it.


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