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would anyone know where to find info on the charts for previous days sma? I can inspect and find it but its kinda od a hassel, I was wondering if there is anywhere that i can just find it like past data? tia


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited May 2017
    @gerry64 Only raw data is available for download. If you know excel, you could calculate any sma from the downloaded data.

    On the other hand, you can also use the "Select Start/End Date" feature under range. Let's say you want a chart with at least three months showing and you want to know the sma values for the the last 20 days.

    Set the end date for 20 days ago (or whatever) - say today is the third Tuesday. Count back four Tuesdays on the start/end calendar and select that date (April 18 if today is May 16). Then for a start date go back three months from April 18 (January 17).

    Now click the "arrow head" at the end of the date bar that showed up when you clicked "select start/end". That will advance the chart one bar at a time. If you have the sma on your chart, and "Legends" set to "default" or "verbose", you will see the current sma value in the upper left corner under the chart symbol. With each click on the date arrow head, that value will change
  • you are really good lol thank you
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